Take Care Foundation
In March 2017 Peter Schlegel, Jürgen Schlag, Dieter Barth and Marlis Wenger visited the Take Care Foundation in Pattaya. Jürgen Lusuardi clarified the group about the function and purpose of the Foundation.
With our European way of thinking, it is difficult to accept that the Take Care Foundation is no longer supported by the government or the state.
Currently max. 15 children (partly with their mothers). They all had to go through some of the most severe sexual assaults (mainly from their own family).
Unlike in Europe, these children and mothers will return to the family after some time. Governing law leaves hardly other possibilities.
Jürgen Lusuardi led the group through the building, showing sleeping and lounge areas as well as the outdoor area.
It was striking that the children made a happy impression and trusted the people, who were foreign to them.
They were making fun of the little belly of President Peter, for example, and found it very nice to stroke this tummy.

The two town houses on the bypass between Soi Kao Noi and Soi Kao Talo are already much too small. A large number of children are waiting to be accepted into such an excellent institution for help.

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