On Wednesday the 30th of August the Rotary Club Phoenix Pattaya invited the children and carers of the Antihuman Trafficking and Child Abuse Center (AHTCAC) to a dinner buffet. About 40 children, carers and Rotarians participate in it. Head of the project is “Khun Noja, detr” for many years as Streetworker street children “trodden” and tries to reintegrate these back into society.

Everything begins with a secure home in his project, then follows the general education, then the job assignment. Many former “care children” have now become “függe”, are professional life and are financially independent of a support.

What once started with 10 children in 3 cottages is now a considerable center with football field, own agriculture. by generous donations, the capacity is just doubling, a huge sleeping domicile is under construction.

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