Installation of the presidents Joachim Klemm and Dr. Michel Roche.
Also this year, the German-speaking Rotary Club Phoenix Pattaya and the French club Marina Pattaya celebrated jointly the installation of their new presidents.
In the Holiday Inn Hotel, Pattaya, was invited to the event on June 25th. A little more than 80 people were present, so also many representatives of friends Rotary clubs.
Peter Malhotra, as a master of ceremonies, was charming as a result of the program.
Khun Toy of the Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC) had brought back numerous children, who at the beginning of the celebration presented a joyous dance performance.
In his short speech, the outgoing president, Hubert Meier, once again addressed all the major projects that had been implemented by the club during his term, referring in particular to the Sister Club Agreement with the Rotary Club of Hong Kong South and the collaboration with Lions Club Hong Kong and the jointly implemented projects.
French President Eric Larbouillatt also said goodbye to his club members.
Afterwards, the presidential chain was taken away and solemnly awarded the new president Klemm and Dr. Roche.
Both presidents also thanked the guests. Jo Klemm’s goals have not yet been discussed, but the HALLO will certainly be able to report on this in one of his next editions.
A special highlight was the presentation of the certificate of honorary membership to Stephan Heynert, founding president of the club in 2007/2009. In his last official performance, Hubert Meier praised his outstanding merits and tireless commitment to the club.
Of course there was also a delicious buffet for the guests, which was praised by all those present.
At the end of the event, a condo, which was provided by the Nordic Group, was auctioned. Ralf Weber from Global TV bought the apartment for 56,000 baht and can live there for a year.


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