Ceremonial donation at the Holiday Inn on 03.11.2017.
Strong Together: Rotary Club Phoenix Pattaya and Lions Club HongKong.

Group photo of the official handover ceremony with Rotary Club Phoenix Pattaya Board of Directors and Hong Kong Lions Club. Currently, three core projects are supported: Seur, Hand to Hand Foundation (Margaret Grainger) and Take Care Kids Foundation (Jürgen Lusuardi).

The joint project work of Rotary Club Phoenix Pattaya and Lions Club Hong Kong was honored on December 3rd with a big “Thank You Party” at the Holiday Inn Pattaya. The highlight of the event was the handing over of several donation checks to three different aid projects.

After welcoming the guests, Rotarian Hubert Meier, as chair of the project work of the Rotary club Phönix Pattaya, looked back on the successful cooperation between the two clubs. From its inception in 2011 to today, both clubs have worked together to raise over 3.5 million baht for four core projects, with a focus on needy people, socially neglected children and senior citizens in retirement homes. The principles for cooperation are joint learning, more effective raising of funds and getting to know foreign cultures and values.

Commitment to the needy

The Rotary Club Phönix Pattaya and the Lions Club Hong Kong are currently supporting three core projects: Seur, who looks after HIV / AIDS patients in Pattaya on a voluntary basis, Margaret Grainger from the Hand to Hand Foundation, who provides children with food and clothing and helps them to get education, and Jürgen Lusuardi from the Take Care Kids Foundation, looking after single mothers and women and children victims of domestic violence, sexual exploitation and trafficking.

885,230 baht for project work

A total of 885,230 baht was handed over to the three facilities during the symbolic handover of the check. The Hong Kong Lions Club raised 415,000 baht for Dr. Ing. Seur up, 228,730 baht for the Hand to Hand Foundation and 41,500 for the Take Care Kids Foundation. The Rotary Club Phoenix Pattaya handed over Make a check for 200,000 baht.

Peter Schlegel, Acting President of the Rotary Club Phönix Pattaya, also thanked the guests, in particular Rosita Li-Meier (Chair of Project Work) and Angela Leung (President) of the Hong Kong Lions Club as well as of course Drs. Seur, Margaret Grainger and Jürgen Lusuardi for their tireless commitment.
(Text by Björn Jahner, Farang Magazine).

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